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3D Printing

Level52 Studios utilizes industry-leading SLA and PolyJet technologies to achieve the highest available print resolutions for prototypes and artwork. With layer thicknesses less than one quarter that of a human hair, our printers ensure your designs form with exceptional integrity.


The term “stereolithography” was coined in 1986 by Charles “Chuck” W. Hull. Chuck Hull patented stereolithography as a method of creating 3D objects by successively “printing” thin layers of an object using a medium curable by ultraviolet light, starting from the bottom-most layer to the top. Stereolithography’s success allowed 3D printing to achieve industry status, while the technology continues to find innovative uses in countless fields of study including biotechnology and robotics.

How It Works

SLA and PolyJet printing are additive manufacturing processes that work by depositing thin layers of photopolymer resin onto the surface of a print bed. By precisely following 3D forms created in software programs like CAD or Zbrush, the printers build the desired object layer by layer until its completion.


Our printers are capable of meeting a variety of project requirements, from intricate art prints to functional tolerance prototypes for manufacturing. This technology can produce objects in a wide variety of material for diverse applications with fine detail, smooth surfaces and remarkable complexity.

Sample Prints

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